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Theoretical Cosmology Research Group of the GALPAC Team

Group Members


Thomas Buchert (PR, Head of Group, PI ERC, CRAL)
- coordination of group activities
Martin J. France (ERC Research Technician, Computational Science Department, CRAL)
- robust image analysis - Minkowski Functionals


Frank Steiner (PR, CRAL)
- CMB and non-trivial topologies


Jan J. Ostrowski (LIO Postdoc, CRAL)
- scale-dependent relations to Dark Energy and Dark Matter
Pratyush Pranav (ERC Postdoc, 1.11.2017, CRAL)
- data analysis, topological statistics
Léo Brunswic (ERC Postdoc, 1.12.2017, CRAL)
- geometrical and topological problems in theories of gravitation

Closely collaborating Postdocs:

Alexander Wiegand (Postdoc, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, U.S.A.)
- multi-scale models, structure formation, Minkowski Functionals
Xavier Roy (Postdoc, Wolfram Technologies, France)
- scalar field models, backreaction, stability, foliation problem
Nezihe Uzun (Postdoc, Charles University ITP FMP Prague, Czech Republic)
- statistical geometry, foliation problem


Pierre Mourier (PhD student, CRAL)
- structure formation, foliation problem, gravitational entropies
Quentin Vigneron (1y internship ENS Lyon, CRAL)
- effective scalar fields for Dark Matter

Closely Collaborating Students:

Asta Heinesen (PhD student, University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
- foliation problem
Yongzhuang Li (PhD student, University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
- perturbation theory with pressure



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